Tim Mitchell
Senior Certified Instructor
Golf Digest Best Teachers in your State (Hawaii) 2006

Contact Info:
Phone: 541.639.5500

About Me:
Born on the east coast in Connecticut but raised on the west coast in Oregon, Tim began playing the game of golf at the age of 10 with his family. While Tim experienced success playing many sports competitively, it was the unattainable pursuit of perfection with the game of golf that eventually became Tim's athletic passion.

Tim has studied and worked with many of the great teacher’s of the game today, including intimately with David Leadbetter where he attained the status of Director of Instruction at multiple facilities throughout North America.  He also credits other Top 100 Instructors for their positive influence, including Mike Adams, James Sieckmann and Glenn Deck. 

Tim has also taught golf internationally, including spending one year abroad in Italy teaching some of the countries most talented Juniors, including a Junior Ryder Cup Participant and a Two Time Junior National Amateur Champion.

Tim has been fortunate enough to teach and have success with students of all age groups on a national level, with multiple juniors and collegiate players achieving All American Status. Tim has also been fortunate to work with Tour Players. 

A firm believer that students should not seek to have a perfect golf swing, Tim encourages students to search for a game that allows them to control the golf ball.  If you can control the golf ball, better scores will follow.  



1 Hour Private Session - Trackman, BodiTrak, Blast Motion, Hudl Video Analysis and a TPI Physical Screen are available to analyze your game.  Have no fear of forgetting your lesson.  You’ll receive a personalized E-Mail review of our time together.  (This also needs to be updated in the 1-hour Private lesson tab.)

Adult - $175 for 55 minutes for 1 or 2 AdultsJuniors
 - $125 for 55 minutes

An additional fee of $25 is assessed for each extra student.

2.5 Hour Playing Lesson - Learn the vital skills of on course management.  Learn how to execute all the different shots you face in a round of golf.  Learn how to be more creative on the golf course.Finally, learn how to make and stick to a mental game plan to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.  $525 - Includes Cart/Green Fee

Corporate Events - A well planned golf event can develop and enhance relationships with current or potential clients or employees.  A meeting at my “Office” can frequently allow for a friendlier, more open exchange of thoughts and ideas.

The Ben Hogan - Hourly programs at our Practice Facility. Learn some of the skills of the greatest practicer of all time.  Rates start at $250/hour, Max 5 Students/Instructor.

The Jack Nicklaus - 2.5 hours of on course instruction.  Learn how to implement some of the characteristics of the greatest player of all time.  Rates start at $525/person, Max 3 Students/instructor.


Trackman 4 launch monitor


Trackman is a wonderful piece of technology that helps players understand the first absolute in the game of golf, IMPACT.  The Dual Radar system captures up to 26 different parameters of club and ball data, used to analyze and produce the proper needs to help you improve your delivery of the golf club.

To Learn more about Trackman, click here.

BodiTrack is a wonderful piece of technology that measures your ground mechanics. BodiTrack will measure how efficient you balance is. If you are out of balance during your golf swing, you are spending subconscious energy trying to stay in balance, or not fall down. This takes away speed and power that you should be creating to strike the golf ball. BodiTrack also measures how much you are using the ground as a source of power by measuring Ground Reaction Forces.

To Learn more about BodiTrak, click 


FocusBand is a Brain Measuring Device and SoftWare App that helps golfers change their process to live and perform in the present moment, the ideal place in time to be the best athlete you can be.

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Blast is a wonderful golf sensor that helps capture valuable putting metrics, to help analyze, coach and track a golfer’s performance trends.  

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